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Grab the latest Taekwondo gear through our shop and delivered straight to your door.  Suits size chart is also supplied so make sure you have a look at that if ordering a Dobok. 

Endurance Team T

Endurance Taekwondo 'Team' T-Shirt

High quality breathable material.  Ideal for training. Available in sizes XS - XXL

Endurance Team Hoody

Endurance Taekwondo 'Team' Hoodie

High quality and warm.  Ideal for pre training. Available in sizes XS - XXL

Endurance Doboks

Endurance Taekwondo Doboks.  Front Logo, Rear Logo and tail Phoenix logo embroidered.  Available in all sizes. Pricing varies.

Endure Drink Bottle

Endurance Taekwondo 'Team' Drink Bottle.  750ml

Mini Car Wondow Dobok

Mini Dobok with suction pad to stick on a window

Taekwondo Key Ring

Taekwondo key rings in a variety of styles.  Great little gifts for the kids to put on their Taekwondo bags

Taekwondo Sparring Gear

Taekwondo Sparring Gear.  Everything you need to protect yourself during sparring

Taekwondo Kick Targets

Taekwondo kick targets and shield available for home training

Massage Ball

Great for after training stretching to hit those key areas.



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