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Kyorugi is the sport side of Taekwondo which you can see in the Olympics.  It is a point fighting system where by you can score different points for the different kicks and areas you hit.  Throughout our sparring specific classes, all students wear protective equipment to see they are staying safe throughout.

Our classes are aimed to look at specific skills for sparring in the first half of the class and then are able to try out the methods through a light sparring session either as a one on one session or through our team drills.

It is a great way to understand and gain experience in this part of Taekwondo.  This class is also a must if you are wishing to compete in our competition schedule throughout the year.  There are opportunities to attend interclub competitions as well as State and National rounds for the more experienced.

At Endurance Taekwondo we now have 2020 Armor body shields to help improve our skills through this high level technology which can be used in a number of different training modes

Sparring classes are available for all ages in our fun 1hr sessions 

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