leadership Program



Endurance Taekwondo offer a leadership program to anyone showing leadership qualities and wanting to become a leader to inspire and help others within the club.  As part of our leadership program, we offer further training to our Leaders to help them build their skills and knowledge in teaching others.


Who can become a leader?


The program is designed to help build foundations for students to become leaders and helpers within Endurance Taekwondo and develop life skill qualities. There are a number of areas for each level of leader to reach and help out with.  Here are the 3 levels students can work towards:


Leadership Levels


  • Level 1 – Hae Lideo (Sun Leader)

  • Level 2 – Mul Lideo (Water Leader)

  • Level 3 – Bul Lideo (Fire Leader)

For more details about our program, please ask at reception next time you are in for class.

The badges below will be displayed on the students uniform: