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endurance education

ENDURANCE Taekwondo offers courses and sessions for education in both group settings and 1 on 1 training.  

Stranger Danger

Our Stranger Danger programs are a way of educating kids on the dangers associated with talking to strangers and engaging with detailed questions about themselves.  Although 'Stranger Danger' is the well known phrase we put these programs under, we conduct them to let kids know that they can talk to people they don't know but it is more a case of the way some strangers might endanger them.

Our program focusing on understanding the signs of danger from what a stranger might ask them.  About what sort of information they might try and extract.  About the fact that they should never go with someone they don't know.

These programs can be specially arranged for school groups, families or individuals.  Please feel free to call us and discuss if you feel you would like to know more.

Women's Self Defence

Our Women's Self Defence courses have been very popular and are a great way to understand the way a conflicting and aggressive situation will start and what signs to look for.  We go through avoidance as well as dealing with the physical threats of such situations.

We help build confidence in women to see they can stay safe but at the same time, look at understanding it from a realistic point of view as to what works, what could go wrong and how to deal with these types of issues in teh moment.

These courses can be booked in for your group or as an individual.  Please call us to discuss this area if you feel you would like to find out more.

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