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mini masters

Welcome to Endurance Taekwondo  Mini Masters Program.  The aim of this program is to build life skills and knowledge throughout our students Taekwondo classes as well as making their first steps as fun as possible.  They will start with our Introduction syllabus that will have a strong emphasis on building Focus, Respect, Determination, Confidence and Endurance.

Through   these  levels,  each  student  will  enjoy an  interactive  experience  with  their  gradings which we will cover in  the last few weeks of  each  term.  They will be using  this grading  book to answer questions and gain  stamps for each belt to achieve their new grade each term.  Each level has an animal that represents their new grade in a fun colouring section.

Gradings will be aimed at  delevoping fundamental life skills as well as a base of Taekwondo  skills in Agility, Blocks, Strikes and Self Defence for their age range which includes our Stranger Danger scenario training.

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