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ENDURANCE MARTIAL ARTS offers training in Torquay on the Surfcoast.

With our full time state of the art centre being based in Torquay and offering a variety of Martial Arts styles, classes and courses including Taekwondo, Self Defence, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Women's Self Defence, Stranger Awareness courses and more.


We have students that travel from Leopold, Belmont, Geelong, Gherang, Anglesea and more to be able to train at our facility and with our instructors so you don't have to live in Torquay to come along and be a part of our Endurance family.  Classes are conveniently set up to offer back to back classes too so if you are traveling to Torquay you can make use of a 2 hour training option.


Here is our Torquay location: 


2/ 3 Sawmills Way

West Coast Business Park

Torquay 3228

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