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Poomsae is the art of self defence against and imaginary attacker.  There is a pattern per belt level for senior and black belt grades.  Each technique has been scientifically designed based on the biomechanics of the human body to see that each technique is effective.  As each technique is very specific for defence, so are the moves and transitions in the patterns.

These classes are great for more advanced students to keep their knowledge in this area strong and also help to learn new patterns for future grades.

The patterns will be practiced throughout these classes and the techniques understandings behind them will be explained and drilled. 

Master Alistair Lawson has a wealth of knowledge having trained with some of the most educated Masters and Grand Master as well as being an active competitor who is a current member of the Australian National Taekwondo Team for 2020, 2021 and 2022.  Master Al has also achieved Gold medals in State, National and Intern ational competitions at WT level - The highest competition level and has represented Australia at the World Poomsae Championships in 2020, earning a semi final finish amongst the Worlds best athletes as well as representing Australia in the 2022 World Championships in Korea. 

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