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Al's Books

Stories of overcoming

Master Al's latest book released in 2023 is called 'Jiggles, Jumbles and a case of the Jitters - The Taekwondo Tales.'

This book has 3 different stories following 3 children as they overcome neurodiversity.  Focusing on ADHD Spectrum, Dyslexia and Anxiety whilst fitting in some Taekwondo along the way!

Purchase your copy today via the website by following this link..



Books with Strong Messages

As well as working hard to see everyone is training hard at ENDURANCE TAEKWONDO, Master Al writes children's books.

His first book My Hero is out NOW.

The story is about a young boy who is looking at a number of potential role models as he would like someone to look up to.

This fun, rhyming story takes a look at a number of characters from a Super Hero through to a number of people found in our communities.

The book has a strong message all the way through about trying to be the best version of yourself and always striving to do your best.

You can purchase a copy via his website or the next time you are at the club for Taekwondo!

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More Information

For more information about Master Al's books and stories please check out  

Here are a few exerts from his books that are written to help  children become the best they can be, overcome problems they may face and see that there is always someone else out there feeling and going through the same experiences and that it is OK to feel they way they do.

“Always do your best

And show up to every class

Even when you're feeling tired

As tiredness will never last”

Everyone faces hard times

It's scary to take that step

But every single champion felt

Exactly the same, I bet!

“A Black Belt never gives up

No matter what they face

Remember it's not a sprinter

That wins the longest race”

Don't be shy to get started

Or even to shed a tear

Just stand up to all of those feelings

And face up to all you fear

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