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cadets Taekwondo

Our Cadets Taekwondo classes are aimed at ages 11 - 17yrs.  As with all classes, you don't have to be the best, just do your best.  There will always be different techniques offered throughout the drills to see everyone is catered for.

All aspects of Taekwondo are covered throughout these classes and each session will have its own focus.  The more classes you can fit in each week, the more areas you will cover and the more you will learn.

We cover everything in detail from Self Defence - unarmed and armed defence, patterns and techniques, terminology and sparring drills and skills.  Although the actual full sparring is saved for our specialist program that covers all areas of sparring.  CLICK HERE to find out more on this.


Give us a call and book yourself in to trial a week on us and see how you find it.  In our relaxed yet professional and friendly atmosphere we know you will enjoy your new enlightenment and journey into ENDURANCE Taekwondo

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