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Juniors taekwondo

Our Juniors Taekwondo classes are aimed at 7 - 11yrs and cover all areas of Taekwondo in these 50 minute long fun sessions.

As per the Mini Kickers Taekwondo, there is still a fun element of skill based games to warm up and cool down with but there is more focus on techniques and learning an all rounded syllabus which include Self Defence to cover confrontation from both children and adults, technique and pattern work, terminology to understand the Korean origins and sparring drills and skills.  Although full sparring will not be present in these classes as that is only offered in the sparring classes where we are able to put all the sparring gear on for a fun and safe way to practice.  A form of target sparring and non-contact sparring is included in these classes instead.


Specialist Taekwondo Programs

There are specialist programs that look into specific areas of Taekwondo that can also be attended such as our Sparring or Poomsae classes.

All skill levels are catered for in these classes with Master Al offering more advanced skills throughout the drills or offering a more basic alternative to see everyone is pushing their levels no matter how long they have been training for.

Kids have the opportunity to be awarded 'Most Improved Student' of the month as well as join our Instructor roles through our Leadership programs.

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