mini kickers

Our Mini Kickers Taekwondo Programs are a great step up for kids aged 4 - 6yrs.

We cover a lot of Taekwondo areas throughout each term and concentrate on areas such as how to focus to achieve your goals.

We cover a wide area of the syllabus and include Self Defence, Basic Sparring Drills, Agility and Stranger Danger awareness amongst  others.  

We focus on the fun elements too and include skill based games at the start and end of class where kids will be improving their ability to listen, follow instructions, increase their agility and learn that taking part is fun no matter if you win or lose.

This is an important age in children where we teach them how to listen effectively in order to show respect to other.  These skills are a great way also help kids focus through their home and school lives and build confidence in their ability to deal with others in a group situation.  From our Mini Kickers programs we introduce our Green stripe program in which they can be awarded for their consistent focus and for always trying their best.  This stripe is awarded to the 'Most Improved' student each month.