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AT ENDURANCE Martial Arts we offer a number of programs within our Taekwondo class options.  These programs are geared towards helping our Taekwondo students get the most out of their journey with us. 


Student Life Skills Programs

These programs are designed to help build confidence, leadership and help each students develop life skills that will help them become a more focused and independent person. 

Toddlers & Mini Kickers

Within our Toddlers and Mini Kickers classes we have developed the Mini Master system which allows kids to start working through a grading system heavily based on life skills with a strong emphasis on Focus, Determination, Confidence and Endurance.

Juniors & Cadets

We offer a Bully Proof class which specifically looks at Self Defence for kids and scenarios for dealing with aggressive behaviour.

We offer a Leadership program for our Juniors and Cadets to become involved in which will help them learn how to teach others and set examples for behaviour throughout the classes.

Our adult classes

We offer a Women's Self Defence course throughout the year which aims at all different scenarios you could face and how to defence yourself from an attack.  From weapons to stand up to ground defence we cover all areas.


Competition Specific Training Programs

Our Taekwondo Competition programs look at separating the competition side of Taekwondo into specific programs that can be joined if the student would like to gain further experience and understanding through these classes.

Competition is available for both Sparring and Poomsae (Patterns)

Mini Master.jpg



Aimed at our younger Toddlers and Mini Kickers this is a great program aimed towards building life skills

Stranger Awareness image colour.jpg


Teaching children to understand what to do when approached by strangers and what to do if in danger.

Bully Proof Banner.jpg



Our 100% Self Defence class for kids is a specialist class focusing purely on Self Defence situations as well as dealing with conflict and bullies.

Beginners Martial Arts Class



Leadership training is available to our Juniors and Cadets who would like to help the younger students in the club.

Women Self Defence.jpg


Our 100% Self Defence class is a specialist class focusing purely on Self Defence situations.



For those who would like to practice their sparring techniques this class is perfect for you.




This class looks at pattern work throughout Taekwondo and addresses the techniques and movements throughout.



Taekwondo style Birthday Parties can be an amazing option for your childs next party.  With everything taken care of.


team building

Bring your corporate team together and create a stronger bond through Endurance Taekwondo Corporate sessions. 

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