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endurance Testimonials

So you have had a look at our site, checked us out and you like what you see!  But what do our ENDURANCE Taekwondo customers have to say about us.

"As a Martial Artist since the age of 6, growing up watching Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, I have lived and breathed being a martial artist.  All I wanted to do from a young age was to own and operate a Taekwondo school.  I love what it has given me and love passing all my knowledge onto others and creating a new passion for everyone who comes through my door.  I just hope my passion for teaching Taekwondo to others comes across in the way I run my Dojang"

Here is what our customers have to say...

Additional Needs at Play

Endurance Taekwondo is an amazing club that works to support each persons individual journey - and are specifically supportive and amazing at working with children to achieve their highest potential, even when additional needs are at play.


Can not recommend them highly enough


- Sian, Torquay 

Respect and Goal Setting

My boys have learnt respect, discipline and goal setting through their time with Endurance Taekwondo... not to mention the fitness side...also great team environment and self confidence building.

- Louisa, Torquay

Great family atmosphere

Thank you Al from Endurance Taekwondo for teaching my kids respect and honour.  Not only have they learnt this in your Dojang but also carry it througheveryday life.

With your guidance their self esteem has thrived as well.

Such a great family atmosphere that I couldn't help but join up myself.  I'm loving it.

Highly recommend Endurance for all your training and discipline needs that will carry you through life's journey.

- Tamara, Torquay

A true Martial Artist

If I lived in Torquay...100% I would have my kids with Alistair..he is a true martial artist, a gentleman and passionate as anything.

I'll be dropping in for sure.

- Con Lazos, 7th Dan, Melbourne

Fantastic friends along the way

Endurance Taekwondo is a caring, compassionate and encouraging club.  Nothing is more important to Alistair and Rachel than the wellbeing of their students, and supporting them to achieve their personal goals.  Alistair has done amazing things for both mine and my sons' confidence and we have both made some fantastic friends along the way.  Can not recommend Endurance Taekwondo highly enough.

- Leah, Torquay

3 Gold Medals

Laura and I are raising 3 teenage boys and were looking for a martial arts club for their sport, and to encourage a positive attitude or approach to life.  I have myself been involved in Martial Arts for most of my life.  After contacting Alistair I decided to give this club a try based on his excellent people skills and friendly manner in which he spoke to me.  Now 2 years later, 3 Gold medals and 3 Silver medals for our boys, he has been an awesome influence, helping me overcome little and big attitude problems and at the same time teaching them skills and discipline.

The biggest compliment I can give is the actual actions of all 3 boys in that they love going to training.

Alistair himself has achieved and extremely high level of skill only a lifetime of practice can achieve.

I can say with great confidence that Alistair Lawson will be great for you and your family.

- Glen, Torquay

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