our classes

AT ENDURANCE Martial Arts we understand that through catering for different age groups, each person can learn to their best ability.  That is why we separate age groups and aim our lesson plans based on each group.

Whether you are looking for yourself or your child for Taekwondo, Judo or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, we have you covered.  We also offer a number of programs and specialist classes to help you focus on areas you maybe more interested in and developing.

Take a look at our different classes to see which suits your needs best: 



Aimed at our young Toddlers, this Taekwondo class is great for all kids 3yrs +

mini kickers

Our Mini Kickers are a great way for our 4 - 6yr olds to have fun, learn the basic of Taekwondo and learn all about 'FOCUSING'


Juniors classes run every day 6 days per week.  Aimed at 7 - 11yrs, this program includes all aspects of Taekwondo training with a fun element.



Cadets classes are for ages 11yrs +.  Students will be able to gain a detailed insight into everything Taekwondo.




This class covers all areas of Taekwondo for ages 18yrs +.  From kicking techniques, self defence and more.

Karate Class



Endurance Judo is a great way to learn throws, sweeps and grappling and a perfect balance to Taekwondo.

BJJ Image.jpg


Jiu Jitsu

The ultimate Grappling Martial Art to pass, submit and control your opponent on the ground.

Gym Workout

1:1 training

Our Private 1:1 training sessions can cater for physical strength and fitness through to Taekwondo based training

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Freestyle Taekwondo focuses on advanced kicking, flips and weapons