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Why Competing is Good For your Development

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Since there have been people in this world, there have been competitions. Competitions to see who is the fastest, bravest, strongest, smartest. But why do we compete?

Lets take a look and find out why everyone should compete at least once.

Alistair on his way to Gold at the Australian National Taekwondo Championships 2018

Competition is much more than a simple case of winning or losing. It is about preparation. Preparation creates a focus and a deadline. That focus and deadline create urgency which creates a desire to want to achieve a result and thus a focus point for your training. A focus for your training equals results of improvement - have you noticed - winning and losing does not even come into it at this stage!

Create a Focus and Desire to Achieve Results.

“You owe it to yourself to see how great you can be. Competing allows you to open the door for you to be able to do this. The only person you are really competing against is yourself.”

Once you have your focus and you have a goal, then you need to prepare to meet this goal. Set up your training timetable and remember any small amount of practice counts. 1 extra minute is better than doing nothing. 5 extra minutes will help with your muscle memory especially if you have specific areas to work on.

Any amount of extra training time will see you achieve a better preparation to the competition.

Like I said before, win or lose, no-one can take away the preparation and focus and the improvement you will see. You have more to gain than you have to lose!

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