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mini masters

Welcome to the first step in your Taekwondo journey.

"In order for you to grow, There are lots of things that you must show. To FOCUS is a main task, And once you learn you’ll improve real fast. So write down all 3 FOCUS parts, And demonstrate them all next time in class.."

The key to success is practice to make progress.  The more time you spend doing something and the more focus you have, the better your ability and understanding will be.

Gradings are offered to students at the end of each term but you can always start your practice now in preparation.  Grading practice at the club will be will be during the 4 weeks leading up to grading week.  Grading books will be used throughout classes from half way through each term so don't forget to bring them into class!

Mini Masters Grading Syllabus.jpg

mini master training

(Student age under 7 years)

mini master black belt training

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