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Welcome to ENDURANCE Taekwondo's Home Training Packages.

As a member of Endurance Taekwondo you are now able to train at home to help you stay up to date with your fitness, techniques and to keep pushing your skills and abilities.

How To Train Successfully...


  1. Pick a time and day you will be training - Ideally the same day and time as you are currently training or would be training!  Have the same space with as few possible distractions as possible.

  2.  Pick 1 x warm up video and try and do each drill 2 - 3 times each.

  3. Pick 1 x Stretching video and hold each stretch for 20 seconds if static or 2 - 3 repetitions if dynamic.

  4. Choose 2 x videos from the Skills & Drills section and work through them. 

  5. Self Defence - If you have a willing partner you can practice some self defence techniques, alternatively watch the techniques and walk through the movements solo to create understanding. 

  6. For each technique video, we suggest you watch the video a few times to get the hang of the technical aspects and then train by starting slow and analyzing the technique through 2 to 3 sets of 10 repetitions.  Once you get the hang of it, link all the components together so the technique flows together without pausing.  Then add a snap to the end of the technique and repeat in sets of 10 each side.

  7. Record yourself and try and analyze your technique or use our file share to send in your videos for coaching.

  8. Set your goals and what you want to achieve and then work towards those goals.

  9. Get into it and Start your training!!

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Skills & Drills

Self Defence

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