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Get the most out of ENDURANCE TAEKWONDO and put a extra few sessions in here and there when you are away from our Taekwondo Dojang.


This area is here for you to study techniques, practice and add to your current training schedule.

If there is a specific topic you would like to see covered, please just ask us and we will see it is put together for you.  

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Fitness & Agility

Agility Drills Vol 1
Agility Drills Vol 3
Agility Drills Vol 2


Hook Kick to RoundHouse Combo
360 Hook Kick
Double Jumping Turn Side Kick

Sparring 101

Sparring 101 - Defence Turning Side Kick
Sparring 101 - Feint RoundHouse to 360 RoundHouse Kick
Sparring 101 - Feint Front Kick to RoundHouse Kick
Sparring 101 - Turning side kick
Sparring 101 - Hook Kick to Roundhouse
Sparring 101 - Cut kick

Self Defence

Basic Wrist Grab Defence
Basic Shoulder Grab Defence
Basic Sweep
6 x Chest Grab Defences
hook punch defence
Wrist Grab Defence Video 1
Wrist Grab Defence Video 2
Knife Defence Video 1
Knife Defence Video 2
Yellow 1 Wrist Grabs
Stick Defence


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