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Welcome to ENDURANCE Taekwondo's Grading Upload page.

As a member of Endurance Taekwondo it is important to try and attend all Grading and Master Class days as these events are a great way to learn and increase your knowledge of your Taekwondo skills.  They also put the student in a position of 'stepping up' to do their best whilst coming together with other students and enjoying success and the belt and certificate awards together.

However we have seen that in our busy world, grading day does not always fall on a day that is convenient for everyone.  To help keep everyone moving forward through their grades and onto learning the new syllabus in the following term, we are now accepting gradings via USB.  Please note that this option is only offered as a last resort if you are unable to have your grading taken at the club.  This option needs to be discussed with Master Al and the students level will need to be achieved at a 'Test Grading' prior to this option being available.

If all the work towards the grading has been achieved and sighted and yet there are no options for our Grading and Master Class to be attended, then this will be offered.

Please review your belt level syllabus and upload a video of yourself going through the grading without interruption from start to finish and upload the video file below.  Your grading will need to be paid for and approved prior to your upload.

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