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At Endurance Taekwondo we are set up to help you reach your Taekwondo training goals from the comfort of your own home.  Don't let COVID-19 stop you on your current training or from even starting a new training schedule - we have you covered.

Zoom - Interactive Training Sessions

These 45 minute training sessions are a great way to get involved.  You can train along whilst watching us take you through your skills and drills.   The sessions are easy to follow and are based on your skill level with Taekwondo techniques aimed at your syllabus.  The sessions will have a minimal area and minimal equipment so you don't need a huge training area at home or heaps of equipment.

Interactive Coaching Sessions

As well as our at home training sessions, we will also be running a weekly interactive coaching session like a conference where students can interact, discuss their at home training and ask questions and advice about anything Taekwondo related.

Check out our new timetable for all Zoom sessions - coming soon.

Online Training Tutorials

With online training videos that take you step by step through a variety of skills and drills, you can watch and re-watch them and train in your own time.  These videos will offer you a warm up, stretching session and a number of different skills ranging from sparring skills, agility as well as more technical kicks and basic techniques.

Private Sessions

If you would prefer to have 1:1 training.  We are able to offer this through either a Zoom session for 45 mins or through a private outdoor session outside our Dojang for 30 mins (weather dependent)

If this is something you would like to organise, please give us a call or email to arrange a time.

How To Access

All you have to do to access this training is join as a member of Endurance Taekwondo, once you are a member you will have an access code to our members only section of this site.  From here you can access all our training videos.  You will also be given a code to access our Zoom sessions which will be run live as well as recorded so they can be accessed later on if you are unable to watch them live.

Here is an example of our current timetable and training videos...

Zoom Timetable Aug 2020.jpg

Video Tutorial Example

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