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cho dan bo

As you head through your probationary Black Belt, it is time to re-visit your techniques and work on perfecting them.  It is time to reflect and help others by passing on your knowledge and skills to others around the club

"Red is the colour of fire.  Fire can be gentle and warming or it can be fierce, powerful and have the ability to destroy anything that stands in its path."

The key to success is practice to make progress.  The more time you spend doing something and the more focus you have, the better your ability and understanding will be.

Gradings are offered to students at the end of each term but you can always start your practice now in preparation.  Grading practice at the club will be will be during the 4 weeks leading up to grading week.

Cho Dan Bo Syllabus

red 3 - CHO DAN bo

CHO DAN bo to Cho Dan Bo 1

Taegeuk 1 Terminology

CHO DAN bo 1 to Cho Dan Bo 2

Taegeuk 3 Terminology

CHO DAN bo 2 to Cho Dan Bo 3

Taegeuk 5 Terminology

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