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blue belt

The Blue Belt levels should see you increase your focus and eye for detail through your techniques.  You will be eyeing up the Red Belt now so time to step up and train like one!

"Blue is the colour of the sky, under which all living things grow.  It is the colour of water which has the ability to flow gently or crash with tremendous power." 

The key to success is practice to make progress.  The more time you spend doing something and the more focus you have, the better your ability and understanding will be.

Gradings are offered to students at the end of each term but you can always start your practice now in preparation.  Grading practice at the club will be will be during the 4 weeks leading up to grading week.

Blue Belt Syllabus

Here are some useful videos to help you with your grading.  Please only choose the anount of Self Defence techniques as required.  You do not have to show all the techniques in the video.  You may also choose alternative techniques you have learnt throughout your training.

blue belt 1 - 2 Stripes

blue belt 2 - 3 stripes

blue belt 3 - red 1

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