black belt

Your Black Belt is a sign of your journey so far and mastery of the basics of Taekwondo.  It also represents the real beginning of your learning.  Focus on all the areas you have covered and take your time to reflect.

"Black is the colour that cannot be changed by adding any other colour.  The colour of mastery and the time to help those around you who are looking at you for guidance. 

The key to success is practice to make progress.  The more time you spend doing something and the more focus you have, the better your ability and understanding will be.

Black Belt Gradings are offered to students in term 2 and term 4 once they have successfully passed their Black Belt Mock grading the term before.  Your mock grading will be offered to you once you have demonstrate the pre-requisits for Black Belt as listed in the below Black Belt Syllabus.

Black Belt Syllabus

Koryo Terminolgy