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Located in Westcoast Business Park behind Bunnings Warehouse in Torquay ENDURANCE MARTIAL ARTS is a full time Taekwondo, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Centre.  Offering state of the art training facilities for all ages 2yrs +.  Our classes are divided into style and age to see that all areas are suitably taught and age relevant.  With memberships offered for 1 session per week or Unlimited and with No Joining Fee or Lock in Contract it's easy to get started.

We cover everything including Self Defence, Speed & Agility, Fitness, Flexibility, Techniques, Patterns, Stranger Danger, grappling and submission fighting.  We teach in a supporting and encouraging style with an eye for detail.  We believe strongly in Never Giving Up, Being Focused and Disciplined.

Our Mascot is the Phoenix - the mythical bird that rises from the ashes to be born again.  We relate this to each and every barrier in life, if one has the Endurance to push through the barriers, you will rise up and become greater for it.

head instructor

Our Head Instructor (Kwang Jang Nim) is 6th Dan Master Alistair Lawson.  Starting Martial Arts training at age 6, Alistair has over 40 years training in a number of different styles. 


"I started training in Judo in 1983 and took up Taekwondo in 1988 and have really connected to it's style.  It offers everything from realistic self defence, amazing kicking and combinations and has been scientifically formed based on human bio-mechanics.  Therefore each technique has been formed based on the most effective and efficient way to move."


- 6th Dan Taekwondo Master

- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt, Judo Brown Belt

- National Diploma in Sports

- Working With Children Check

- National Character Test

- Community Coaching Essential Skills

- Anti Doping Certificate

- Heads Up Certificate - Concussion Awareness

- Sports Science

- Qualified First Aid Instructor

- Qualified Level 1 Taekwondo Instructor and Coach.

- 2020, 2021, 2022 Australian Taekwondo Team member

Victorian Poomsae Committee Member 2021

Poomsae Referee Media Officer 2021

- 3rd Class Poomsae Referee

KTAV Poomsae Director 2023



Alistair has competed in both Kyorugi (sparring) as well as Poomsae (patterns).  He has competed and won at State Level, National and International Competitions and brings a wealth of experience from this. 



  • State Champion

  • National Champion

  • Pan Pacific Masters Games - 1 x Gold, 1 x Silver, 1 x Bronze


  • Autumn Vic Champs - Silver

  • State Champions - 1 x Gold, 1 x Silver

  • World Hanmadang 1 x Gold, 1 x Bronze

  • Spring Vic Champs - 1 x Gold


  • Australian Selections 2 x Gold

  • Autumn Vic Champs 2 x Gold

  • 1st World Samjokowon Championships 1 x Bronze 

  • World KTA Championships 5th place out of 64.

  • 2nd World Samjokowon Championships 1 x Bronze

  • G2 World Online Poomsae Champs - Semi Final

  • Koryo Bev Walker - Gold 2021​

  • Online Vic Champs 1 x Gold


  • Autumn Open 1 x Gold

  • G2 World Poomsae Oceania Champs 1 x Bronze

  • Heroes 2 - 1 x Gold

  • Heroes League 1 x Gold, 1 x Silver

  • Victorian State Champs - 1 x Gold

  • Nationals - 1 x Gold - National Champion WT Division

  • Global Poomsae Championships - 1 x GOLD


  • Australian Team Selections - 2 x GOLD

  • Asia Championships - 2 x GOLD

  • Seoul Uni Championships - 2 x SILVER

  • Mayanmar Open - GOLD

  • Victorian Selection - GOLD

  • Masters Games - 3 GOLD, 3 Bronze

  • Nationals 2023 - SILVER

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