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ENDURANCE TAEKWONDO is run by 5th Dan Alistair Lawson.  Alistair has been involved in Martial Arts since the age of 6.  He has trained in a number of styles and brings a wealth of knowledge to his students.

He has competed in both Sparring and Poomsae (patterns) competitions in State, National and International events - winning Gold the Pan Pacific Master Games 2018 as well as Bronze medals at the Oceania Presidents Cup and Australian Open 2019.  Most recently winning Gold in both Individual and Pairs at the 2020 Australian Selections to be part of the Australian Taekwondo National Team which was set to compete at the prestigious World Taekwondo Championships in Denmark in 2020.

ENDURANCE TAEKWONDO is based in Torquay, Victoria and is open to all ages from 2 years upwards.  All classes are divided into age to see training is suitable throughout.  With both official Olympic Martial Arts - Taekwondo and Judo - on offer we have created a complete Martial Arts experience and a huge variety of sessions to include Self Defence, Sparring skills and drills, Speed and Agility, 

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Our inspiration

"Don't pray for an easy life,

Pray for the strength to ENDURE a

difficult one."

- Bruce Lee 



ENDURANCE TAEKWONDO classes are split into age specific classes to see that everyone receives the best possible teaching based on their age and ability.  We cover all areas of Taekwondo and Judo throughout our classes.  Your Taekwondo training is varied and covers the whole WT Taekwondo syllabus from Self Defence, Technique work, Sparring Drills, Flexibility and more.  Specialty classes such as Poomsae, Self Defence, Sparring and Display Style Taekwondo will purely focus on these areas.  These will return after COVID restrictions ease.  We are happy to be adding Judo to our Martial Arts classes for 2021.


Classes are normally 100% flexible so you can attend any class you like on whatever day you like!  This makes it more convenient for you and more flexible to fit into your lifestyle.  If you miss classes one week, you can make them up throughout that term.  At this stage in COVID restrictions we are limited to the amount of students per class so all classes need to be booked in to.

Memberships are set up for a variety of attendance options: 

  • 1 x Per Week

  • 2 x Per Week 

  • Unlimited Classes

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4pm - Mini Kickers (4 - 6yrs)
5pm - Juniors (7 - 11yrs)
6pm - Cadets/ adults (12yrs+)
7pm - 100% Self defence (12yrs+)


4pm - Juniors Taekwondo (7 - 11yrs)

5pm - Juniors Judo (7 - 11yrs)

6pm - Cadets/ Adults Judo (12yrs+)

7pm - Cadets/ Adults Taekwondo


4pm - Mini Kickers (4 - 6yrs)

5pm - Juniors (7 - 11yrs)

6pm - Cadets (12 - 17yrs)

7pm - Adults (18yrs+)


4pm - Mini Kickers (4 - 6yrs)

5pm - Juniors (7 - 11yrs)

6pm - Cadets (12 - 17yrs)

7pm - Adults (18yrs+)



9.15am - Toddler Taekwondo

5pm - poomsae training

6pm - Sparring Training




9am - All Ages - Family Friendly



2/ 3 Sawmills Way

West Coast Business Park


Vic 3228

P: 0422 353 723

E: endurancetkd@gmail.com

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